Privacy policy


Information we receive and how it is used.


Your information

Your information is the information that's required when you sign up for the site, as well as the information you choose to share.

Registration information: When you sign up for wellvideo, you are required to provide information such as your email address.
Information you choose to share: Your information also includes the information you choose to share on wellvideo, such as when you post a status update, upload a photo, or comment on a friend's story.

Your name, profile pictures, photos, gender, username and User ID are treated just like information you choose to make public. 

Your trust is important to us, that is why we never share information we receive about you and your email address. 

We do not use your email to send reminders, promotions and advertising.

Your email is used for personal messages and password recovery.

Administration of the web site does not collect or transmits to third parties e-mail addresses and other information provided by users.


Deleting and deactivating your account

If you want to stop using your account, you can either delete it. (delete function In personal profile setting)



Cookies and things like local storage help make wellvideo work, like allowing pages to load faster because certain content is stored on your browser. 


Security and bugs

We do our best to keep your information secure, but we need your help.  We try to keep wellvideo up, bug-free and safe, but can’t make guarantees about any part of our services or products.


Change of Control

If the ownership of our business changes, we may transfer your information to the new owner so they can continue to operate the service. But they will still have to honor the commitments we have made in this Data Use Policy.


Notice of Changes

If we make changes to this Data Use Policy we will notify you.