Adele - "Hello" Dance Choreography | The Nia Technique

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Category of the video: FITNESS

Rubric: Cardio

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Dance along with our Nia Trainers to Adele's "Hello" using the Nia Technique, a mind-body movement form that blends martial arts, dance arts, and healing arts.

Nia is a workout, a practice, and a lifestyle program. Based on the science of the body's design, Nia can provide an invigorating cardio workout, freedom in self-expression, and mindful reflection towards a more healthy lifestyle for every body, of any age or skill level.

FreeDance and FloorPlay are aspects of Nia classes and choreography.

FreeDance focuses on stimulating movement creativity and allowing the constant expression of the moment to unfold through structured and unstructured movement.

Floorplay is a a dynamic exercise done on the floor and delivers strengthening, stretching, mobility and stability benefits.

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"Through Movement We Find Health."

Music: Adele - Hello (Enisa Cover)
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