Amy Bento: Slo-Mo Strength Challenge - 01 (Legs)

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Four powerful workouts that work your muscles through both concentric and eccentric motions. Controlling the weight in both the “up” and “down” motion is tough, but it’s also exceptionally effective. The secret is consistent mental focus. You’ll never just drop the weight. Instead, each precisely paced set has a carefully designed sequence (e.g. up for two counts, isometric hold for two counts, down for two counts). The exercises include familiar classics plus lots of creative variations (e.g. “wobble squat,” “full planks rolling a barbell”).
The theme of this 3-day split resistance training workout is ""heavy weight training at a slower tempo."" Amy will emphasize slow reps sets in both concentric and eccentric contractions. The goal of Slow-Mo Strength Challenge is to increase your strength by placing maximum force on the muscles. The benefits to lifting heavy are many: you will increase your metabolic rate; burn calories even at rest; add muscle definition; strengthen bone and connective tissues that protect your body from injury; create better balance and stability and, most importantly, making you feel better mentally. Some exercises performed in this workout are: wobble hack squats, sumo squats, hammy rockers, chest around the worlds, decline triceps dips, the biceps bonfire and more! A modifier is provided for anyone choosing lighter weights. Our NRG MIXES or premixes include 3 total body workouts and 5 other premixes varying in length to suit any workout schedule. Each workout consists of balanced muscle training with warm-up and cool-down. Muscle groupings for 3-day split are as follows:
Split one Legs, Split two - Back and shoulders, Split three - Chest, bis and tris and Core work - As a separate chapter.
This workout features the following equipment:
Step (used as a weight bench), Plate-loaded bar, Heavy dumbbells 8 to 25 pounds, Stability Ball, Resistance Band, Mat
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