Atomun – 3D Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Physical Fitness

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Welcome to Atomun - TeleSUR's program on science and technology in Latin America, focusing on the human side of science and technology at the service of progress. In today’s edition, our host Danny Perez tells us the story of the way 3D technology, including a “Geomatic Freeform” digital sculpture platform, improved the quality of life of a beautiful dog with a birth defect. Then it’s on to the “Not Really Fiction” segment, for a look back at the film classic “2001: A Space Odyssey,” in which Perez points out fictional elements that are even more advanced than what we normally see in space today, as well other elements, such as the robot Hal 9000, that seem to be a prediction of today’s robots built with “artificial intelligence.” And finally, our “App of the week,” designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, turns our smart phone into a kind of personal trainer, keeping records of our walking, running, cycling and climbing. “Runkeeper” tracks our pace, distance, time and burned calories, and also measures our heart rate. teleSUR
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