Jillian Michaels: 30 Day Shred Workout- Level 2

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Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Workout Level 2 is an explosive, interval training workout that combines strength, cardio and ab exercises to burn fat, sculpt muscle and firm the entire body to uncover shredded results as you realize your full potential to maximize results. Prepare to sweat and fight through the burn with America's Toughest Trainer & Fitness Celebrity, Jillian Michaels, as she keeps you focused and motivated with her expert instruction and supercharged enthusiasm in this second level segment from the #1 Best-Selling Fitness DVD, "30 Day Shred." Unleash your weight-loss potential as you boost metabolism and sculpt lean muscle throughout the arms, chest, shoulders, legs, glutes, back, abs, and oblique's with this robust workout that targets all of the major muscle groups of the body simultaneously. You will need a set of hand weights, a towel, a floor mat, and a bottle of water to complete this exercise. Learn several key exercises that Jillian relies on when training celebrity clients on TV and worldwide. Challenge your core and activate your abdominals, hips, thighs, butt and legs through an array of explosive plyometric moves as you fight your way through an effective 3-2-1 interval system that Jillian swears by. Adjust this routine to fit your skill level by using the exercise modifications that are demonstrated in each circuit. Look and feel your best with dynamic moves like squat rows, walk-out push-ups, high knees, static lunge rows, speed skaters, pendulum lunges, double crunches, military press leg extensions, plank variations, stretches, and many more as you build strength, banish cellulite and melt away the pounds to unveil a strong and shapely new you. Tune in to BeFiT every weekday for newly-uploaded Free workouts! For more workouts from Jillian, click here: http://bit.ly/H3SuaK

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