Quick Fix - Tight Abs

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Short on time when it comes to working out? Quick Fix Tight Abs may solve your exercise dilemma with this concise and efficient workout. Personal trainer Julie Upton instructs this session in three 10-minute segments that can be done together for an intense abdominal challenge, or separately for the truly time deficient exerciser. Each of the three segments will target your midsection through a great variety of movements that don't waste time. Upton delivers far more than the standard crunch here and presents creative abdominal exercises that are just as effective as the old standby. Obliques and lower abdominals get some intensive work through cross lateral moves that incorporate the legs and hips. This is a powerful format that is designed for the advanced exerciser and modifications are not offered for beginners or participants with neck and back problems. The advanced nature of movements offer great strength training potential for the experienced athlete, but may pose safety issues for exercisers with compromised backs and necks. The music has a nice solid beat that is not too overbearing or antiquated. A clock in the corner of the screen counts down each minute of training, which is perfect for those with time limits (or anyone who hates every minute of sit-ups). The three subdivisions within this video allow participants to dedicate as much (or as little) time to this regimen as they desire. If used frequently, Quick Fix Tight Abs is a solid strength training program that can firm and tone the midsection.
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