Rael Isacowitz - Pilates System 27

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Category of the video: FITNESS

System 27 - Pilates Master Rael Isacowitz teaches twenty seven advanced Pilates poses. All the potential benefits of the Pilates method, from losing weight and improving muscle tone to feeling rejuvenated, culminate in System 27, the final video in the Rael Pilates series. System 27 focuses on the flow, vigor and energy of movement. Geared towards the fit individual who has a firm grasp of Pilates fundamentals and wants to move to the next level, the 50-minute practice is designed to be challenging enough to satisfy even the most avid athlete and Pilates practitioner. However it still manages to be accessible enough to any healthy person with commitment. Use System 27, and every aspect of your life can be enhanced. Take this life-changing step and see just how terrific you can look and feel.
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