Technique Study | Beg. Stage Two | ART Method @ Home

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Practice this modified stage two version of the art method technique study to learn to find engage and maintain your active resistance points in basic elemental fitness exercises. Do this until the launch of the Beginner Workouts.

You will always choose from the playlists to compose your practice of the day: do a warm-up, pick a stage of the tech study to match your level, then choose your workout. All workouts are progressive in nature so you should start at number 1!

- Don't worry if you can't match my speed or reps right away. Do what you can at first. Add another rep everyday. If you practice everyday - you'll be doing the whole thing by March 21, 2015!

- You can use a chair for the squats if necessary, then just turn it around and you can use it for balance in lunges as well.

Beginner workouts began March 21, 2015!
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