Technology, Manufacturing, eCommerce in Walmart's Fitness Category

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Category of the video: Humor

Technology giant, Samsung, talks wearables, packaging and customer education. We also dive into manufacturing with co-founder of Junk Brands; how suppliers can get smart about shopper marketing with insights from Menasha; and how to stay fit and reduce stress in the workplace with tips from Abnormal Fitness Club.

Guests include:

Jessica Hendrix, Saatchi & Saatchi X
Kourtney Barrett, Junk Brands
Bruce Williams, Abnormal Fitness Club
Amanda Luebchow, Kind Snacks
Matt Harp, Samsung
David Lee, Mach 1 Financial
K. Clarence Lawrence, Proideo
Kerry Bailey, Menasha
Leah Logan, Collective Bias

Hosted by Neile Jones. Retail Her: Loria Oliver. Retail Edge: Jeff Amerine.
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