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This is ab exercise is basically called the abdominal crawl and it's basically a moving abdominal plank ( or ab roller exercise (see this & this here) but almost unlike in the abdominal crawl or ab roller or ab wheel your abs are under constant tension with no time to rest.

It's best you do the abdominal crawl to get abs without sit-ups or crunches for a set distance instead of in just reps or you could do abdominal crawls for a certain period of time as well.

For example you abdominal crawl workout may feature you doing 5 sets of 100 yards (an entire football field which would be very tough) or your abdominal crawl workout could be something like 5 sets of abdominal crawls for 1 minute.

The best way to do this is on your toes but if abdominal crawls are too easy for you then crawl on your knees instead but your fitness level would have to be very low for you even to begin to get some kind of a decent ab workout so wherever you at try to quickly get to a point of doing ab crawls on your toes without your knees touching the floor and once the ab crawls on knees gets too easy...

Then you can start to wear a weight vest or a book bag for extra added resistance to your ab crawls or you can get super creative and have your baby, a small child or a small person ride on your back like a horse for that extra added ab crawl exercise resistance you may need for a more intense ab workout.

Also ab crawls will tend to work on your arms and back muscles as well because they have to stay tense as well to keep you from falling over but if ab crawls are too hard you can also revert back to the ab wheel or ab planks

There is nothing magical or special ab crawls versus other ab exercises but may be better for you if you have back problems that prevent you from doing popular ab exercises like crunches ( and sit-ups ( but at the end of the day not matter what ab exercise you do you will still need to go here and use these 5 steps @ to get rid of enough belly fat to see your abs

I'm Adrian Bryant & I'm the guy who created to help you look good naked. See the people I've already helped look good naked here:

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