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video The Fighter - Abs Workout (Knockout Abs Without Crunches!) free

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Category of the video: FITNESS

Tags: how to get a six pack

When you're looking for abs workouts you should look no further than the fighter or any boxer for that they seem to have mastered the six pack. The greatest part about it? They rarely spend their time doing crunches as this would require them to be on the ground! As you know, most boxers and fighters really don't like to be on the ground!

By staying firmly grounded on your feet, you're not only staying athletic but you're getting your core and abs to function the way they're meant to. The fastest way to etch in six pack abs is by doing exactly this...following ab workouts that work!

AthLEAN-X is all about giving you athletic workouts that flat out work. It's about incorporating explosive training with core integration on almost every exercise. Are you training this way? If not, it's time to start. Head to and grab your AthLEAN-X Training System. In just 90 days you can transform your body to look like a pro athlete...even if you aren't one!
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