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video Ultimate 8 Pack Abs Workout free

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This 8 pack abs workout is the most effective abs workout one I've used and the best way to get 8 pack abs fast. I've been doing variations of this same 8 pack abs workout for over 2 years now.

1: Bicycle crunch - 0:55
2: Flat hand crunch - 1:26
3: Coffin crunches - 2:17
4: Leg lifts - 2:52
5-6: Leg out side crunches - 4:14
7: Butt raises - 4:53
8-9: Elbow crunches - 6:26
10: Cross-over toe touches - 6:58
Cool down: abdominal stretch - 7:29

1. Don't worry about "how many reps". Start off doing a number of reps you can handle and work your way up. Your 8 pack will strengthen after every workout.
2. Always breathe out ALL the way when your 8 pack is in a flexed state, this is crucial to building an 8 pack mass, volume and shortening the time it will take you to display your 8 pack abs.

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