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Work the side body in this class designed to help you improve your yoga backbends. You can find more classes from this online yoga backbends video program here:

This preview class is from Steph Gongora's Full Body Backbends program. In the full program you will:

• Strengthen and stretch your body, improve posture, release emotional tension, and overcome fears by opening your hearts
• Safely explore the benefits of backbends while increasing mobility and flexibility in the spine
• Find activation across your back chain, build strength and stability in your shoulders, create lift in your pelvic area, and lengthen your side body


About Steph Gongora:

Steph Gongora is a traveling yoga, aerials, and movement teacher based in Uvita, Costa Rica. Her teaching is unique and unexpected, combining precise breakdowns of form and anatomical cuing with a creative flow style, stressing unusual transitions and authentic movements practices. An athlete her whole life, Steph was a gymnast and dancer throughout her childhood, and in college, she studied Biology with an emphasis in Human Anatomy. Practicing and teaching yoga allows Steph to embrace her scientific knowledge, as well as share her background in artistic expression through movement.

Steph trains in a variety of lineages and has spent many hours under the tutelage of master teachers including Meghan Currie, Christina Sell, and Erinn Lewis. During her exploration and self-practice, she developed a deep love and respect for inversions, which prompted her to write her first two books: The Beginner's Guide to Handstand and The Beginner's Guide to Handstand Pressing. She has been featured in and contributed to Yoga Journal, Mantra Magazine, Livestrong, People, Cosmopolitan, and more for her work on and off the mat. When she isn’t practicing yoga, Steph enjoys reading, writing, and building her dream life in Costa Rica with her five furry children and supportive husband, Ben.


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