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Jesse James keeps so busy skirt-chasing that his outlaw career starts to suffer.
Jesse James leaves Missouri for Mississippi, and immediately charms all the women in Mississippi out of their bloomers and garters. His first conquest is the banker's daughter who helps him loot the bank in exchange for a promise of marriage; he wanders over to the saloon and runs the crooked partner of the proprietress out of town, takes all of his-and-her money and leaves her, between kisses, hounding him for her share; the third one, the saloon singer, actually makes a mark out of him as she cons him into a boxing match against a professional fighter and he loses the fight and his money, but he holds the singer and the fighter up as they leave town and gets his money back; and then he romances and swindles Cattle Kate, a replay of what he had done somewhere before to Kate and the "gotcha-again" Kate even ends up behind bars. But no film that contains a cat-fight between Peggie Castle and Lita Baron can be called a complete waste of time.
BEAUTY vs. BEAUTY...for the love of JESSE JAMES! They met him on the double-cross roads of love! ROARING WITH EXCITEMENT!...And the Women Who Made the West Wonderful, Wild and Deadly! The Battle of the Sexes and the Sixes Rages across the Lusty West! Women WANTED him... more than the Law!
Well somewhere, some time, someone must have thought this was a good idea for a Western film treatment. Instead of terrorizing banks and stagecoaches, Jesse James (Don Barry) turns into a Don Juan and uses his dubious charms to romance a passel of gals out of their money. I guess since the title states "Jesses James' Women", there had to be a bunch of them, and so there was. Peggie Castle led the cast here as Golden Bell saloon gal Waco Gans, conducting a reasonable tryout for her 'Lawman' TV series run as Lily Merrill. Castle takes part in two of the picture's highlights - a knock down, drag out catfight with Betty Brueck, and later on an actual gunfight showdown with the same opponent going by Cattle Kate Kennedy. That one was a bit of a let down to my thinking, but still a creative effort on the part of the principals.
The other contenders for Jesse James' affection include Lita Baron as saloon singer Delta, and Joyce Barrett as Caprice Clark. Probably outshining them all just by her sheer innocence was the sheriff's daughter Angel, winsomely played by Laura Lea, who managed to get the outlaw Jesse to show his human side. Ironically, they had their final conversation right in front of a wanted Poster offering ten thousand dollars for Jesse and his gang.
For a quick change of pace, there's also a nifty boxing sequence in the latter half in which Jesse attempts to pull off a thousand dollar payday against barnstorming boxer Champ O'Toole (Alton Hillman). Not to be outdone by a resounding knockout, Jesse simply decides to rob the champ's entourage as they head out of town the next day. I guess if you want something offbeat and don't mind tampering with your Western outlaw legends, this could fit the bill. Just don't raise your expectations too high and you'll probably be OK.
Jesse James' Women (1954) Full Length Western Films
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