Yoga Arm Balance Class: Eka Pada Tutorial with Briohny Smyth Yoga

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This is just a preview class! Get the full yoga arm balances class here:

This plan is inspired by the arm balances performed in the viral video “The Contortionist” from Q by Equinox. Over the course of one month I will show you how to build strength, gain confidence and develop foundational arm balancing skills!

If you aren't familiar with the video, you can view it here:
The series opens with a lesson on polishing and refining basic poses like Chaturanga and Crow. Next we progress and focus our efforts on learning the essential elements of more challenging postures including Eka Pada II, Lotus, and Kukkutasana.

Each class starts with a warm up to get your body prepped, then I will guide you through each arm balance so you can develop the muscle memory and strength to eventually move on to the full variations. Learning these movements takes time, patience, and determination so I have structured this series in a class-like format that repeats over the course of a month, which is the best way to absorb the material and apply it to your practice.

This series is open to all levels, but foundational knowledge of Yoga is encouraged as well as strong, healthy wrists.

About Briohny Smyth:

Briohny is best known for appearing in the Q by Equinox videos "The Contortionist" and "The Balancing Act", inspiring over 8 million viewers. Briohny mentored with Annie Carpenter and Lisa Walford at YogaWorks and is certified 500 E-RYT.
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